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SAIC - Science Applications International Corporation

SAIC is the largest employee-owned research and engineering company in the United States, with more than 43,000 employees in over 150 cities worldwide. SAIC engineers and scientists solve complex technical problems in national security, homeland security, energy, the environment, space, telecommunications, health care, and logistics.


AeroPlanner.com from SAIC is a complete flight planning resource integrating digital aeronautical information, navigation information, charts, weather information, and aerial imagery. AeroPlanner.com enables the creation of both printed flight planning documents and GPS device-ready digital data.

We use advanced computer systems and software to access many extensive aeronautical, navigation, and weather databases. By integrating the information in these databases in a format easy to query and retrieve from virtually anywhere on land or in the air using a traditional or wireless Internet connection, we have revolutionized flight planning.

We constantly apply expertise in computer systems, software, and subject matter to improve AeroPlanner.com and strive to be the best flight planning resource on the Internet.