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Key Features
Pro Flight Planner
The Pro Flight Planner adds much more functionality to the basic planner. It allows a user to insert or delete points from the middle of the navigation log and updates the list automatically. Create custom waypoints and annotate them on the chart. Import DUATS flight plans, or if you have a DUATS account... more
Premium PDF Trip Ticks
Over the course of the last 6 months pilot's have printed hundred of thousands of tripticks from AeroPlanner.com and the biggest complaint was not being able to download all of the images at once and print them all at once. Another popular suggestion was to print them on full page paper... more
Easy GPS Software
AeroPlanner.com's EasyGPS program is a downloadable Windows PC program to communicate with your hand held GPS unit. EasyGPS can talk to Garmin, Lowrance and Magellan GPSs and can upload AeroPlanner.com routes, airports, navaids and fix data downloadable from our ANF data download page... more
Data Chunks
Query our FAA and Worldwide DoD navigation databases for airport, navaid, and fix information around an airport in increments from 10 miles to 300 miles. Or enter a route and retrieve the data along the corridor - you specifiy the width. See what data will be retrieved in a map and check the size before downloading... more
Chart Chunks
Our ChartChunk interface makes it easy to download 800x800 to 2400x2400 chart images that come with geo-reference information already created for use in your various moving map programs. Before you would have to scan the chart and painstakingly click on several reference points, and key in the latitude and... more
Palm Chunks
Now users of Flying Pilot for the Palm,(http://www.gpspilot.com) can automatically load various aeronautical charts into their palm for use in conjunction with a GPS. GPSPilot has teamed up with AeroPlanner.com to offer sectional, WAC, IFR and vector charts for use in Flying Pilot. These charts are automatically geo-referenced... more
Download chart chunks along your route! Our ZipTick interface makes it easy to download geo-referenced chart images with dimensions ranging from 200 x 200 to 800 x 800. ZipTicks can be used in your favorite moving map programs. No more need to geo-reference each image! They're all zipped up and ready to go! more