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Check out what our customers say about the site!
Who uses AeroPlanner.com? From pilots of Harriers, B-1 Bombers, Intel Officers, Fedex, UPS, Cessna, Mooney and Piper drivers, Van's zealots, Bell helicopter guys, and more! You name it, they use AeroPlanner.com every day to get the job done. What do they say about the service? Check out quotes below.

I found you on the web while searching for a better flight planning program than my Jeppesen Flitestar. I subscribed last week and have used my AeroPlanner.com about twenty times since then. Not only am I a pilot but I'm a commercial photographer and my shooting schedule is very dependant on the weather. The more I navigate around my service, the more I value it. You guys are doing a great job and you can count on me as a subscriber from now on. -- J. Wilson

I've been logging on almost daily for the last 4-5 months. I've always thought your site was pretty cool, but now, all I can say is WOW. It's damn cool. It looks great and the interface is easy and slick... It just keeps getting better and better. Who needs one of those flight planning software packages when you've got AeroPlanner.com?

Just wanted to drop you a short note and tell you guys to keep up the good work. As a new pilot, I sure appreciate it. You might even say I'm addicted to it. I log on every couple of hours to check the conditions at my local airport to see if I should play hookie and run out there and get an hour of flying in.--Mark P.

You have a GREAT product. I tell every one I know that is the least bit interest in GA about your site. I even tell business travelers wondering if there will be turbulence on the way home. May you conquer the world! -- Andy M.

I absolutely LOVE the site - Jeff P.

Love the site, by the way!!! What an incredible tool for info!!! - John G.

I am a thoroughly satisfied premium service subscriber to Aeroplanner.com. Keep up the great work. You consistently add value to your service, and I appreciate your efforts. - Mark M.

I just wanted to drop you a note congratulating you and your company on a wonderful service. I have been using it a bit over the past few months and enjoy it thoroughly. Your latest updates to the navigation logs are absolutely superb. - Michael W.

The AeroPlanner.com site is great. -- Jack M., Acting Director NWS Aviation Weather Center

Great job on upgrading the website, a professional tool for any pilot - Steve B.

"a great program" - Bob T.

Thanks for adding approach plates to the PDF TripTicks. That's a wonderful addition. Thanks also for being so open to your users suggestions. I think that that is what is going to make AeroPlanner.com great. -- Tim H. I am very impressed with the new version of the GPS Pilot and the map integration, this has taken the Palm GSP from toy to tool status for me. -- Craig A.

I love your site, makes planning real easy -- Glenn S.

This is a pretty great site. N. Sargent

As a new user of Aeroplanner.com I find your service invaluable. Every trip I plan now I do with AeroPlanner.com first. The information is accurate and easy to use -- Dan W.

This is REALLY COOL! You guys are doing some great things with this site... -- Bill V.

RE: Temporary Flight Restrictions: Awesome! Who is the genius who started this site?? I'd love to meet them! Excellent work! -- Andy F.

The site is wonderful, much used and highly appreciated. -- Harry S.

Feature List
  • Pro Flight Planner
  • Palm Chunks
  • Export Routes
  • Premium PDF Trip Ticks
  • File Flight Plan
  • My Waypoints
  • EasyGPS Software
  • IFR & TAC Charts
  • Import DUATS flight plan
  • Chart Chunks
  • Auto-Routing
  • Store 100 routes
  • Data Chunks
  • Enroute NOTAMs
  • Ziptick
  • Approach Plates
  • Supersize Charts
  • Hi-Res Weather Radar
  • Email NOTAM Service
  • Weights and Balances