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About Sim ChartPacks
Charts Price Each
Current Chart 1 $7.50 $7.50
SimChart Pack 50 $49.95 $1.00
The Simulator ChartPack (Sim ChartPack) offers out-of-date digital aeronautical charts at a substantial discount. The ChartPack is intended for use in aircraft simulators or other digital applications such as Destination Direct, Fugawi, or OziExplorer where chart currency is not as important as chart price. These SimCharts are available by download only.

When you purchase a Sim ChartPack for $49.95 (about $1.00 per chart), you are credited with 50 SimCharts that can be downloaded immediately or as desired within one year from the date of purchase.

Available charts include TACs, Sectionals, WACs, IFR Area, IFR High, IFR Low, ONCs, and GNCs. Click the tabs above to view the complete list of available charts.

After you've purchased a Sim ChartPack, every time a chart is downloaded the available chart credits are reduced by one. If you purchase another Sim ChartPack any time within one year of the original purchase date, 50 additional chart credits are added to any chart credits remaining and the one year time period is reset to the most recent purchase date.

All SimCharts are compatible with Windows and Macintosh systems, but to view the charts you must have compatible viewer software on your computer. AerPlanner provides two free viewers (the Lite version at 60KB or the Full version at 7.1 MB) for download. These free viewers operate only with Windows. For Macintosh systems, MacGPS Pro software is a compatible viewer.

Windows users: Download the Lite version (60KB) here or the Full verion here.

Macintosh users: Purchase and download MacGPS Pro from James Associates at www.mapgpspro.com.

You need compatible viewer software on your computer to view sim charts. Aeroplanner.com also has two free viewers available for download.

Download the Lite version here. (60 KB)
Download the Full version here. (7.1 MB)
   After compatible view software is installed on your computer, you can view the sample NOS/GEO digital chart.

Download sample NOS/GEO chart